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Ivo Perelman & Matthew Shipp Launch First European Tour

Continent-spanning concerts celebrate the seven-volume The Art Of Perelman-Shipp, a high-water mark for the duo format and for free improvisation.
The passionately ingenious Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman enjoys a unique partnership with the brilliantly eclectic pianist Matthew Shipp: it stretches back more than two decades and encompasses more than 30 recordings that document the ever expanding extent of their seemingly mystical connection. These artistic soulmates enjoy a musical communication that recalls the greatest partnerships in improvised music: Parker and Gillespie, Brubeck and Desmond, Coltrane and Tyner. In the words of GRAMMY®-winning journalist Neil Tesser, “At this juncture, and especially in the duo format, [Perelman and Shipp] each can anticipate the other’s responses. A connection exists that some would call telepathy – or even clairvoyance. Not only do they finish each other’s sentences; they also start them.”

Their completely improvised performances – executed with no written notes or preconceived themes – take shape with a logic and emotion that defies the total spontaneity with which they are created. The Art Of Perelman-Shipp (Leo Records) is their most ambitious project to date: seven discs released simultaneously in March 2017, six of which adds longtime collaborators to create a variety of trios and quartets. Each album takes its name from one of Saturn’s moons, in honor of the fact that both Perelman and Shipp are entering their Saturn Return (an astronomic phenomenon with astrological implications. And, like Saturn’s moons, each of these albums orbits around the saxophone-piano duo, which constitutes a binary star system all its own.

From May 19-23, Perelman and Shipp will present their first European tour in this astonishing duo format. The tour will take them from Cuba in Münster to cities including Amsterdam (Bimhuis), Brussels (L'Archiduc), Moscow (Dom Cultural Center), and Vienna (Martinschlössl).

May 19 | Black Box Im Cuba | Münster, Germany
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May 20 | Bimhuis | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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May 21 | L'Archiduc | Brussels, Belgium
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May 22 | DOM Cultural Center | Moscow, Russia
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May 23 | Martinschlössl | Vienna, Austria
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