"Live In Copenhagen" & "The Chicago Plan" Reviewed by FreeJazzBlog

The FreeJazzBlog reviewed Steve Swell’s latest releases 'Live in Copenhagen' (featuring his trio with Peter Brötzmann & Paal Nilssen-Love), and 'The Chicago Plan' (together with Gebhard Ullmann, Fred Longberg-Holm and Michael Zerang), giving them 4 stars.

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The trio goes nuclear on the opening piece, the 30-minute "Copenhagen Maneuvers". Brötzmann, in top fiery form, outlines the urgent, angry theme, sets the trio dynamics on a volcanic course that gains more volume and more momentum, but later he varies the atmosphere with tortured-melodic themes. Swell and Nilssen-Love keep challenging Brötzmann with imaginative, extended breathing techniques and equally muscular percussive work. — Eyal Hareuveni on "Live in Copenhagen", FreeJazzBlog


The Chicago Plan offers a solid plan. Match two long-standing couples New York-based trombonist Steve Swell and his partner in the Ullmann/Swell Quartet, Berlin-based reeds player Gebhard Ullmann, and the Chicagoans, cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, who also adds electronics, and drummer Michael Zerang [...] Ulmann's compositions for this quartet are more structured. “Variations On A Master Plan, Pt 3” contrast him and Swell, both narrate the complex, edgy theme, playing in unison, with Lonberg-Holm and Zerang who expand the compositional ideas with loose, shifting rhythmic patterns. — Eyal Hareuveni on "The Chicago Plan", FreeJazzBlog

To pick up your copies of Live in Copenhagen & The Chicago Plan, head to iTunes, Amazon, or the Not Two Records & Clean Feed Records Stores. The albums can be also heard on Spotify and Apple Music.

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