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Large Unit "Selected Tracks 2013-2017," available for Pre-Order

Selected Tracks 2013-2017 is now available for pre-order from PNL Records. As the title suggests, this sample CD features a best of selection chronicling Large Unit's first five years since the band's 'First Blow' at the Molde Jazzfestival in 2013. The first 2 tracks are exclusive compositions from the upcoming album "Fluku" — PNL038, to be released later this fall, and 4 tracks chosen from their first four recordings. Partial reviews from those albums — ANA, LARGE UNIT 2015, ERTA ALE (Bonus Disc), and FIRST BLOW — follow below.

Listen: Large Unit releases "Happy Slappy" from their upcoming Album, "Fluku"

Reserve your copy of Selected Tracks 2013-2017 now from the PNL Records Store. You get one track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released. For orders outside of the EU, visit the Catalytic Sound Store.


from forthcoming album Fluku, PNL038
from forthcoming album Fluku, PNL038
3. ANA 13:45
previously released on ANA PNL033
4. FENDIKA 13:32
previously released on Large Unit 2015 PNL030
previously released on Erta Ale Bonus Disc PNL025
6. CULIUS 11:58
previously released on First Blow PNL021

"Ana" setzt den ungebremsten (und bereits sehr guten) Debüt-CDs eine fokussiertere und noch bessere Version entgegen: Dynamischer, eingängiger, melodischer, komplexer, vielseitiger – und das alles auf dem "kleineren Raum" von drei epischen Stuecken. Kann diese Band noch besser werden? Kaum vorstellbar. — Tim Kleinecke, Nordische Musik

"Fortar Hardar II" powers in emphatically on a bass/drum ostinato that’s soon bolstered by rifng unison horns. When baritone sax starts to trawl the depths of the groove and Marhaug turns irruptive, the Unit’s concerted momentum is sustained until six minutes in, when there’s a sudden spotlight on the Unit’s sole cornetist, Thomas Johansson. Instead of the expected return to fullbore, the other players make only stabbing, percussive sorties, fzzling out into ftful furries of muted trombone. The bass/drum ostinato is re-insinuated only at the death, lifing the group into a fnal unison recap of the tune’s thematic rif. — Tim Owen, Dalston Sound

Driven by the near Second Line-rhythm of twin drummers Andreas Wildhagen and Nilssen-Love, "Culius" open up into polyphonic abandon reflected in flutter-tongued brass burp, atonal cries from the reeds and crackling brurbles from Lasse Marhaug's electronics. With the tune unfolding at tempos that range from horse-racing swiftness to country-road cantering and effortlessly switching from crescendos and decrescendos, the tune impresses with sheer force. — Ken Waxman, The Whole Note

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