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New Album From Ivo Perelman – Matthew Shipp Duo, Out Now

The new album "Corpo" by the Ivo Perelman – Matthew Shipp Duo is out now on Leo Records! In 14 tracks of moderate length, the disc offers evidence of Perelman’s new "intervallic system," as well as a purified distillation of an ever-evolving musical partnership that has been compared to Brubeck/Desmond and Coltrane/Tyner.
This recording is it. "Corpo" is the ultimate coming together of everything Ivo and I have been working on for years. Yea I can hear you saying—you are just excited by this because it’s the last thing you guys did and artists are always most excited by there latest work.—well that might be true but after years and years of doing this [recording]—I feel like I do have something of an internal thermometer that allows me to know the temperature. Recording this CD and hearing it back rang every bell to me that this is the apotheosis of the Perelman Shipp duo cosmos. Our duo CD "Callas" was a breakthrough for us. "Corpo" is the ultimate flowering. 

Ivo and I made a complete and utter commitment a long time ago to pursue a rarified duo language and cosmos. Along with the process of going into the studio and recording these CDs, there is also our talk between CDs about how and what we are practicing—so we will know that the next time we get together we will be able to challenge each other. Like Coltrane practicing out of harp books to increase his range.


Ivo and myself are always looking for fresh input in the practice room to enhance our concept. Hence Ivo’s practicing out of baroque trumpet books, studying opera, going back to the blues, or Ivo actually coming to my practice room to listen to me practicing Bach chorales, or our conversations on the tremendous musicality of Dexter Gordon. But this in no way is musical scholarship or gymnastics—it is poetry. So our real aim is to create an honest statement of who we are—which we would somehow do even if we did not have all the technique or knowledge of musical devices. The love of creation is the determinate factor.

I know I am not objective on this but I feel Ivo and I have really delivered on our quest to create a rarefied duo cosmos and language—there is nothing remotely like this in the world. I hope this CD can find its audience. Says pianist Shipp, in his liner essay for the album. New York, February 2016. You can get your copy here.

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