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Barcode Quartet returns with new recording "Live in Brazil"

Last week marked the release of the Barcode Quartet's live album, recorded during the group's Brazilian Tour in August 2015 at the Jazz na Fábrica Festival in São Paulo.

Alison Blunt violin; Elisabeth Harnik piano; Annette Giesriegl vocals; Josef Klammer drums, electronics. Track 13: Recorded at Jazz na Fábrica Festival, São Paulo, August 28th, 2015. Bruno Correa Technical director/ sound engineer PA; Leonardo Marques sound engineer monitor; Lirinha Morini roadie. Produced by Jazz na Fábrica Festival / SESC and Barcode Quartet. Recording engineers: Hélio Pisca. Recording assistant: Renan Perobelli. Track 4: Recorded at Quintavant Audio Rebel, Rio de Janeiro, August 29th, 2015. Alex Chichoski: sound engineer. Pedro Azevedo: PA and recording assistent. Yago Franco: PA. Produced by Bernardo Oliveira, Pedro Azevedo and Barcode Quartet. Thanks to: Austrian Embassy Brazil, Isabella Tomás, Ricarda Kato, Ralf Dick, Kato Bookbird, Bernardo Oliveira, Manoela Wright, Paola Gatto.

Pictures taken by Renan Perobelli during Barcode Quartet's performance at the Jazz na Fábrica Festival.

Truly strong medicine for the tough times present and ahead. Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

The foursome’s interplay is intricately balanced, inherently exciting without overt melodrama, often ending in sudden hushes. So imbricated are the improvisations that it can be difficult to distinguish individual instruments. Ranging in mood from quiet ‘chamber jazz’ to extroverted power-rock pulsing, Barcode Quartet realizes an immensely satisfying musical gestalt. New York Jazz Record

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