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Paal Nilssen-Love Featured in Bandcamp Daily

Paal Nilssen-Love is the subject of an extensive interview conducted by Phil Freeman for Bandcamp Daily titled The Natural: Jazz Drummer Paal Nilssen-Love’s Many Incarnations.

"It’s a great showcase for its members, which is great because, aside from Nilssen-Love and Marhaug, the Large Unit is almost exclusively made up of younger musicians," writes Phil Freeman in the section dedicated to Large Unit, "That was a conscious choice on the drummer’s part, and one that ties him to the aforementioned Blakey, who treated his group the Jazz Messengers as a kind of academy, rotating young players in and out for a year or two at a time." "When I began playing with [Large Unit bassist] Jon Rune Strøm, who’s now in the trio of Frode Gjerstad, I was 35, and I realized that was the first time I was playing with someone that was younger than myself," Nilssen-Love says. "’Cause I mean, I was 28 when I joined the [Chicago] Tentet and obviously Peter’s 76 now, so I was always the youngest in that band and most of the groups. So then I always had the idea of wanting to start a large group, but I thought maybe I should really include some young musicians and not the regulars like Mats or Ken or Mars Williams."

Read the interview at Bandcamp Daily, then pop over to the PNL Records Store and check out the records!

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