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Arashi's Album, "Semikujira," Out Now! Band To Tour in May 2017

Today marks the official release of Arashi's second album "Semikujira" on Trost Records, streaming in full on Bandcamp. The tracks were recorded at Atlantis Grammofon, Stockholm by Janne Hansson in May 2015 and they feature Akira Sakata on alto saxophone, clarinet and voice, Johan Berthling on double bass, and Paal Nilssen Love on drums and percussion.
Head over to Trost's Bandcamp to hear the complete album now. Semikujira is also available on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. The LP edition, which has been lovingly pressed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl, is available for pre-order from Trost Records and will be released in June 2016. Album cover image by S. Keita.  


Like Peter Brötzmann, Sakata combines reed fire with a strained, chastened lyricism and a tone that is always instantly recognisable whatever the register. His vocal parts are extensions of his instrumental playing and his version of a Japanese traditional theme shows how close he is, albeit ambivalently, to that source. There's very little jazz in this free jazz. The Wire 

Semikujira is a major new addition to these musicians already vast discographies, and one of the most satisfying listens of the year so far – a powerful, thoughtfully constructed work that blends familiar but disparate musical dimensions into a convincing whole, while preserving the spontaneity of instant creation. The same qualities are mirrored on the cover artwork, an apparently traditional illustration (by Sagaki Keita) that on closer inspection reveals a quirky, irreverent world of strange creatures. Highly recommended.Free Jazz Blog

Semikujira er blitt en strålende manifestasjon på hva disse tre musikerne kan utrette når de møtes på scene eller i studio. Berthlings bass-spill og Nilssen-Loves trommespill, passer perfekt sammen med «kamikase-flygeren» fra Japan. Dette er tøffere enn toget, fra start til mål, og bør nytes på høyt volum (som jeg har gjort i kveld, mens naboene forgjeves prøver å få med seg finalen i Melodi Grand Prix…).Salt Peanuts

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