jazzahead! Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, © Kato Bookbird

The Bookbirds at Jazzahead! Bremen, April '14

On this busier-than-usual Wednesday in a busier-than-usual week, there is a poem in my skull, wandering, lost like a little child in a busy department store, where all the tables are high and the racks make a long view impossible, and wondering if anyone will find her and take her home again.

We spent five days in Bremen visiting the Jazzahead!, meeting old and new friends. This sums up how I feel: awestruck, overwhelmed, and my neck is sore from craning and cricking it so much! So much fun enjoying this happening with Ralf. Some impressions:

Getting into the spirit for our first day at Jazzahead! First thing I've been told: "What are you doing here? You should be in Hollywood!" - Leo Feigin

Meeting Ab Baars & Ig Henneman. Thanks to Charlie Crooijmans for sharing this picture with us:

Kato Bookbird's brochure published for this years Jazzahead! Edition. Thanks to all for the positive feedback!

First concert being announced, Lillinger's Grund! The one we enjoyed the most:


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