Festival Tip 1: Konfrontationen / Nickelsdorf, AT

The Bookbirds have a beautiful, long-lasting experience with this Festival, as it happens with most people who decide to join it. Riccarda attended this annual happening first in 2010, and Ralf has been visiting it since 1989. It is also the place where they first met, at Pension Theresia, through their lovely friend Peter Wagner, who himself is attending the Konfrontationen since 1980. Without this Festival, there would be no Kato Bookbird, probably, at least not in this format. Reason why booking Michael Zerang to perform at this year's 35th edition, means so much for KB! Much love and gratitude to Hans Falb and Tobias Tobias Kulcsar for all their dedication and hard work. Now it's up to you, the public - to go and experience these amazing four days of festival about the power of music to inspire. All hail the Konfrontationen Team! Photo Copyright Elvira Faltermeier:

Whether you were there and want to relieve the festival, or just want to experience it vicariously, Andrew Choate’s write-up beautifully conveys the Konfrontationen lively atmosphere and performances.
Andrew Choate’s Report Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and some visual impressions from the Festival:

Hans Falb on turntables, at Gutshof Kleylehof.

LOS AMARGADOS + GUESTS: Petr Vrba - trumpet, vibrating speakers; George Cremaschi - double bass
+ Didi Kern - drums; + Hans Falb - turntables; + Michael Zerang - drums

Peter Wagner and Ralf Dick, waiting for Graewe / Reijseger / Hemingway to start their performance

Older scans of the Konfrontationen Programm Covers from `96, `98 and `99:

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