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Ab Baars' Take on "Body and Soul"

Inspiring article on solo saxophone playing in Sound American. Plus four great & different interpretations of Body and Soul by Ab Baars, Matt Bauder, Phillip Greenlief and Jon Irabagon. 'I'd gladly surrender myself for you, Body and Soul'

«In 1948, Coleman Hawkins recorded Picasso, one of, if not the, earliest examples of unaccompanied saxophone solos in jazz. Over 65 years later, the solo saxophone recording has become, if not quite ubiquitous, much less of a novelty than it was in the mid-twentieth century when jazz horn players were just breaking free of their roles as members of big bands where their improvisatory talents were limited by the needs of the arranger.» Read the entire article and listen to the music by visiting SA9: Bodies and Souls

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